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Screw compressors: the main "+" and" -"

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In the Russian construction market more recently, the main share of the range screw compressors took equipment piston type, which is cheap and accessible, which is why a wide range of people can afford it. But today an active attack on its positions was made new for our class of equipment - screw compressors that you can buy in the online store. Thanks to more advanced technical parameters, these products are getting more and more popular.

If you compare with piston, screw compressor has several advantages. Its design includes the presence of twin turbines as a result of their work will not affect the increase in vibration or noise, which eliminates the need for the construction of a separate room and laying a solid Foundation. Also, such a device significantly reduces the weight and dimensions of equipment while facilitating its installation and the energy consumption (in case of equipping the electric motor).

it should Also be noted the fact that the reciprocating compressors, in contrast to the screw, do not work with lubricators lubrication, which in turn affects more air pollution and increasing the flow of the oil. Therefore, the screw compressors is the preferable option in the case of pneumatic modern instruments that are sensitive to such shortcomings. In addition, this type of equipment gives the possibility to apply automatic control systems, and management to service the unit without human intervention.

1-it is important "+" screw compressor you can call it equipment, air-cooled, does not require installation of the huge cooling towers or any other revolving devices for the drainage of excessive heat. But, of course, the main advantage of these devices is their efficiency. According to studies, these compressors in operating mode, used only 50 to 80 percent of its rated capacity.

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