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What better print to a book?

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Today, manufacturing of seals/stamps, as the industry is characterized by constant high demand. On this basis, the provision of this service in the market have received wide distribution, which in consequence gave rise to active improvement and development of the industry due to the competitive struggle. But before all manufacturers seals/stamps are key tasks:

  • making prints of the best quality;
  • the establishment of a system of protection print directly from forgery.

Today, in the production process seals / stamps are widely involved in computer technology that are directly related to design and graphics. But the technologies themselves differ significantly among themselves, including the list of used equipment. But choosing a particular manufacturer, it is necessary to look not only on the used modern technologies, but also directly on whether they are used in practice. Next, we'll talk about the basic methods of manufacture of seals and will tell us about them employee of the company «Seals and stamps Lion”, which you can order the manufacture of these products in Lviv.


Methods of production of seals and stamps

  • in the manufacture of seals and stamps embossed type used laser technology that allow you to burn the HD images on the rubber surface. Products, which is obtained by this method enjoys great popularity due to the high definition of the obtained impression and also the long-term operation. But the production of such seals is not cheap, plus the entire technological process is very long and is accompanied by an unpleasant odor;
  • Very popular today are the photopolymer printing. The basis of such products is exposing a chamber filled with a liquid photopolymer, which solidifies under the action of UV rays;
  • Also very common nowadays are flash, the advantage of which is obtaining in the end an ink-filled print / stamp. Originally on the PC develop the layout of the product, and then proceed to its immediate manufacture.

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