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10 five rules neat shave without irritation for women

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Many women shave their legs, armpits and other places. And very often, the fair sex after shaving get irritation, so many of them ask the question: how to avoid it? In fact, to avoid itching and inflammation when shaving is not difficult. Today we consider 10 five ways how to do it and tell us their employee online store “”: where you can buy everything you need for shaving.


Rules of careful shaving:

  1. Common cause of pustules and bumps immediately after shaving is a dull razor. Therefore, ruthlessly throw it in the trash and insert a new blade in your machine;
  2. During the shave you need to press directly in the direction of hair growth, while avoiding stretching the skin and not allowing a very strong pressure. Remember the machine should barely touch your skin. Also you can not hold a razor a couple of times on the 1st and the same place;
  3. In the case of frequent occurrence of irritation, it is better not to apply shaving foam and gel;
  4. So that the skin calm after shaving, put on her a cold compress with the infusion of succession, chamomile, calendula or celandine;
  5. Buy after shave lotion, and shaving product with min alcohol content, because it is irritating. So, to disinfect the skin after hair removal lotion instead of alcohol you can use the following tool: 2–3 tab. acetylsalicylic acid grind into powder and mix them with 2 tbsp of glycerine;
  6. Directly after shaving, always moisturize your skin with cream with calendula, succession, or aloe – it is very quickly eliminate the discomfort. In addition, you can apply boric ointment or tea tree oil (which has excellent antibacterial properties), which stesyvajut half-and-half with extra virgin olive oil;
  7. Directly after the shave around 20 min. it is better not to dress so that your skin can breathe;
  8. Best after shave to wear tight t-shirts and jeans and try to avoid synthetic clothing;
  9. it is better to Shave directly before bed, so the skin can recover during the night;
  10. From the irritation of just-shaved skin will protect ordinary baby powder.

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