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How often you can visit a masseur?

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Many people ask the question: "How often you can enjoy a massage in order to achieve the desired effect?". In fact, types of massage there are a huge number, and obviously only 1, everyone needs a certain periodicity, for example, if baby massage (children under 1 year), you need to make it like min 2-VA course of 10 sessions each. Only in this case, the impact of massage on the organism of the child can be considered completed. You can do baby massage with a break of 2 - 3 days, as a result, the treatment child massage takes about 2 months, and you can also visit a masseur every day, the effect is completely changed. Any other procedure, for example, a seaweed wrap, too, is best done not in 1 session, and courses (min number of sessions of this procedure - five, max ten).

Remember that any procedure will provide the result only with regular visits and complex treatment. After the passage of the therapeutic session, after some time, you can repeat the procedure. It should be remembered that massage, the cost of which is not call cheap, carries with it significant costs.

Massage for flat feet and degenerative disc disease also make for 5 - 10 sessions, which provide the ability to 100 % relax muscles and relieve pain. 1-in the session prepares the human body, therapy massage requires serious patience, but it provides long-term, a real natural effect. If a person is sick for a very severe form of low back pain, the therapist then makes him massage at home, but in this case even 10 sessions will not be cured. This can take months and in some cases even years.

According to the health status of the client a professional massage therapist can very accurately determine how many massages he had to attend in order to achieve the desired effect. Remember massage it's never enough, he always brings to the human body ease, calm, health and freedom.

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