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What is a pedometer?

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Recent scientific studies have proven that those leople who mainly ride in cars and on foot a little walk (lead a sedentary lifestyle), are the most susceptible: shortness of breath, obesity, chronic disease, high blood pressure and headaches. So how do you get rid of bad health if you are at risk?

Move more!

During the day should be at least 10,000 steps, but according to the research: basically we do 5,000 steps. And to lose weight at all should be done about 15,000 steps. It is difficult to count the steps these same steps, especially if we will conduct calculations in his head. But there is a wonderful device —, which is the mostit just froze everything taken steps per day. Pedometer worth about 300 rubles., Though there are "cool" model.

The most common functions shagometra:

  • Stopwatch;
  • Heart Rate Monitor;
  • The definition of calorie consumption;
  • The definition of distance and speed;
  • steps per minute;
  • Hinged lid;
  • Connect to a PC that allows you to upload the data to your computer and build graphs.;
  • The very important functiontion, which should have every pedometer — it's small size and ease of use.

The pedometer is best worn on the front of the waist, in line with the knee. Shagometr very convenient and easy to use, has no small benefit poskolvy you will have a great opportunity to self-control and motivationactive lifestyle. Not too difficult to make a couple of extra steps a day - it does not take much time, but if you learn fulfill their daily rate is still necessary!

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