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How to buy a house for capital of the Mat?

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the Families who received the right to family (parent) capital, often decide to use it to purchase a house in order to live away from the city in a favorable from an environmental point of view, conditions. But buy what you like (the state) will not work. For example, as of 2017, the number is not available is still buying suburban homes.

So, if a person decided to buy a house for the family capital, then he must know that his chosen home must be habitable, and on a permanent basis, i.e. to be a residential home in accordance with all documents and have a heating system. And purpose of the land on which the house stands must be individual housing construction (not suburban construction).


Methods use mathematical capital to buy a house

I must say that to buy a house for a family capital is possible only through the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale directly from its previous owner.

Many families are willing to purchase a house on the family capital directly into the mortgage, however this possibility is almost absent, due to the fact that banks prefer exclusively to apartments. Therefore, to get a mortgage to purchase a house from wood you have, most likely, will not work. But you can go the other way - to find a cheap house in a village. Buying a house under family capital are also possible with the involvement of the personal funds of a particular family.


What documents are needed?

If a person decided to spend family money to buy a house for his family, then he will need to gather the following documents and submit it for consideration to the local office of the Pension Fund.

  • a Copy of the contract of purchase and sale of housing;
  • the
  • a Copy of the certificate of housing ownership entity that received the certificate on the family capital, or her (his) spouse;
  • the
  • a notarised undertaking (in writing) to issue the purchased house in the common property of all without exception of family members for 6 months after transfer by the Pension Fund in the full amount of money of capital Mat directly to the seller of the house;
  • the
  • a Certificate of the seller lived. square about the balance of the unpaid amount under the contract for the sale of the house.

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