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When it should be Vybor kamna svitati pay attention to the Yogo golovno skladove - Camino the furnace. Zavdyaki tops storytime quiet atmosphere. Kamna furnace zabezpiecze stablest I dougout vsogo kamna. To a vibro Varto pdfedit especially realno. Insert vegetablesa factories , not required SPERATI, won him avla sale element kamna (by the way, pridbati , you can ).

Viladas case kamna s whether yakogo material. Next in Demba vstavlyaetsya kamna furnace. , installation vimage otrimannya pevny minds. Here it is important to correctly viznitsa s napretkom flow ENERG scho Wearables.

Stinky Camino furnace to roblets s jarocho mclogo material (abalena podran clay, grog, cement vognetryviv Sumish, leaf zi Stal, Sri chavun I sognatrice slopes).

Nails popularity corestauti kann furnace s chavanu, that scho mayut bagato Pereval. So good trima furnace heat. Won Mauger perenesite velik perepady temperatures. Won't deformatsiya I don't pdates cores.

Dwellers vdevice vzhe navni camn (old ABO nepracuje) vykorystovuyutsia so Swan nsert-furnace. Tak furnace duzhe Potwin I budut everyone knows, what does suchasnim imogam. They rastsveta Chavon Cameri Gorna, ash pan, heat system strimage posyannya I Zahist od folding cptafe. The installation of the furnace take not wiklich trudnom I don't Sabira bagato hour


Kann furnace buuut two widw:

  • tradicin (otkrit);
  • and also secret.

So, if you want to nalogovaia will wognum, better storage otkrit furnace.

For otkritogo kamna necessary to use only twarde palivo (such Polna listenig trees, paleti). Hwain wood use nopageno, the fact scho stink give Silin SCRI I TRS. Stink much sarunat Dimond in camn. Palate . Cologne clean material, the stench neskol for the person. Stink sold in packages RSNA rozmow. Trevally Gorna palets, about 4 hours.

Secret furnace to dosit efektivn in zastosowan. Stink mayut nastupi of perevaly:

  • firstly, the stench duzhe compact;
  • In another h installation dosit simple;
  • Tret, the stench virollet, about 80 % Teplova ENERG;
  • In the fourth, in such furnaces it is easy controllati Gorna;
  • n the ive dorsata shut kamna problem s jarocho folding, that can be freely spostarti for paluck polum pits. Plus up to tsogo maximum BEZPEKA lyudin for poblizu kamna.

it is Not necessary zabuvati I about finansowo side with viber Camino furnace. Have shut camn, of course, dostoinstv more. Ale is important considered, scho sakriti camn guilty Buti to dosit great. Only then VIN bude Vdovin everyone knows, what does tennis pokajnica I rules BEZPEKA. Taqiy camn s segli I in CN will dosite expensive zadovolennya. Well yakscho taqiy camn you “not kichen”, it should be vdate Periago great camo s otkritoy topcow. Smut, dwellers VIN CCB bespechniy for little kids. In such pitann dealim variant camp camn iz sekitou topcow I glutinous. Glicine to zachistit you polum me.

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