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Removal of warts using liquid nitrogen

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Warts are growths on the human body, having a viral nature. They are localized on the scalp, trunk and extremities, and mucous membranes. In itself, the occurrence of warts is indicative of unstable work of the immune system of a particular person. Remember that under the influence of predisposing factors and reduced immunity the risk of warts is increased in a couple of times. If you find on your body warts and feel uncomfortable with their appearance, then you need to consult a dermatologist. The doctor involved in the prevention of occurrence and treatment (removal) warts.

In the modern clinics use the most effective methods to eliminate these growths. gives you the opportunity max and min painless with a short recovery period to remove the growths (more details about this procedure, visit the website Yet I must say that the alarm needs to cause any changes on the skin. Indeed, today the risk of cell transformation into cancer is very high.

the appearance of warts may not cause absolutely no symptoms, and discomfort. But after some time, the warts can appear burning and severe itching. After a while the tumor changes the size, shape and color and also appears non-uniform color. In addition, the wart may begin to multiply and localization of the lesion can expand. Growth in a conspicuous place can cause aesthetic discomfort, so most people prefer to get rid of them.

Removal of warts with liquid nitrogen is a very valid method. According to the physical characteristics, the transition of nitrogen from a liquid state from a vapor occurs at a temperature of -196 0 C. In nature there is no such transition of liquid nitrogen is possible only in special clinical and laboratory conditions. This transformation of nitrogen into a liquid state occurs under the supervision of a specialist in special. apparatus. The basis of the method of removal of the growths with liquid nitrogen lies freezing the abnormal tissue. In fact, the modified cells of the epidermis are cooled, but water is located inside cells is frozen. As a result of this manipulation of the wart is destroyed and, after some time, dies.

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