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Bundle of honey: Why it happens?

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Many people who love honey, ask the question: "and does it directly on its quality?". Next, we consider the reasons why there is separation of the honey and what it represents.


the Main reasons for the separation of honey:

  • heating;
  • Honey unripe;
  • Physical characteristics.

it Was observed that preheated candied honey begins to delaminate with further storage. The quality of the honey is lost in that case, if it was heated at a temperature not exceeding 35 0 C. But to heat the honey at temperatures above 40 0 C is not valid, because irreversible processes (produced by the carcinogen hydroxymethylfurfural).

Unripe honey, which was assembled ahead of time. Normal time pumping honey is the moment when the frame is filled with honey on 80 - 100 percent, but with less filling, the honey may contain moisture in excess of, since the bees have not had time to remove it. This med along with the bundle more often and begins to ferment, loses its quality and becomes unfit for consumption. You can manage the storage temperature which should be between 5 and 10 0 C. Under these conditions, this honey is susceptible to save some time.

in addition, the bundle of honey may happen due to its physical characteristics.


To the physical characteristics of the bundle of honey include:

  • damage to the structure;
  • Long-term storage;
  • Mix several varieties.

Remember that the quality of the honey remains in this case unchanged. During long-term storage of any med eventually loses a certain amount of enzymes and vitamins + and it still starts to flake on thick and liquid fraction.

this Occurs due to the physical properties of glucose and fructose, which are the main components of honey and in no way does not affect its quality. Thus, glucose has the ability to crystallize, while fructose is such ability has not. Here and it seems that the honey is not homogeneous.

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