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The choice of colostomy bag: what to pay attention?

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Any person needs food, which allows you to resume the supply of vital forces. But, it is not absorbed completely and waste products in the form of feces excreted during the process of defecation. This is a natural process to break that, however, you can various diseases or pathology. A vivid example can be the postoperative period when the person is not able to control defecation. In this case there is a direct need which is possible to use the Internet-shops "Your health."

What's this?

the Main objective of any colostomy bag, judging by the name, is the collection of feces in that case, if the person is not able at this point to control the process. This implies that the shape of this accessory is a bag-shaped reservoir. Given the geometry of the body in the area of anus and skin, connect using the sticky flange. It has a round shape with a ring inside. It is made from a special flexible material, which has soothing, healing and hydroactive properties. Thanks to the ring, and also used gels it is possible to achieve the required sealing in the contact zone that prevents the spread of odor and feces themselves. In most cases, the bag is additionally equipped with lock, which allows you to periodically clear the contents of the colostomy bag.


In clinical practice, uses two main types of colostomy bags:


    single component. The container and adhesive petal constitute a single whole. That is when you need to replace one of the elements necessary to use the new system;

    two-component. In this case, a bag and an adhesive flange are the individual components of the colostomy bag. If necessary, they can be replaced independently from each other.

in addition, products of the first and second types can be open (there is an option to clear the contents of the bag without replacement) and closed (able drainage is not available). The choice of a particular model of colostomy bag depends on various factors, e.g. the condition of the skin in the contact area, properties of feces, the presence and location of the stoma. The frequency also depends on the individual, but on average this should happen one or two times a day. If you are using open a colostomy bag, a replacement bag is produced not later than 3-4 days.

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