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Grow mushrooms at home

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Many people are interested in the question, is it possible to grow mushrooms at home and if so, how? To make this course possible. If you are interested in how to do to help you.


a guide to growing mushrooms at home

the Home of growing mushrooms is their distillation of the cultivated mushroom. In order to do this we take, for example, the mycelium of the champignon, which in turn grown on grain intended for sowing. It is divided into a couple pieces and placed in glass jars of 0.5 - 1 l, but do not reach the top 3-4 cm of the Mycelium it is necessary to trample a manner that the surface was more or less flat.

Next poured on top of wet earth (20-25 mm), mixed with the superphosphate and chalk, which in turn provides the necessary alkaline environment of the soil.

After that the throat of the banks covered with the saucer and leaves a gap for air. It is necessary thoroughly to ensure that the Bank did not dry up the land, for this purpose it is sprayed out of the sprayer with water at room temperature, but do not overdo it. In the depths of the banks the water to not flow needs, and the land should not be turned into mud, slurry.

after 7 days of finding banks at the temperature of 18 to 26 0 C, it should be moved to a cooler place (the temperature should be anywhere from 10 to 15 0 C). If you are unable to create these conditions, then place a container for 3-4 days in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf, however there is one thing - the temperature should not be < 0  0.

After the allotted time the Bank must vinati from the refrigerator and return to room conditions in which the temperature should not be greater than 25 0 C, to remove the saucer and continue moisturizing. If you did everything correctly, then after 10-14 days the first mushrooms to appear.

Know that direct sunlight is very harmful to the mushrooms as they dry on top of the ground and burn the tender skins of the mushroom caps. That is why the cultivation of champignons on the balconies, balconies or windowsills, mushrooms need shade (protect) from the sun.

And in the growth period of fruiting bodies it is also necessary to ventilate in order to remove from it carbon dioxide. Mature mushrooms you can twist or cresylate from banks.

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