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What are the varieties of scooters

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Today, probably no child who wouldn't love to ride a scooter, of which today there is a huge amount - on any taste and color. Next, we review the main types and tell us about them employee online store by the way, you can purchase scooters HUDORA German brand.


Types of scooters:


  • City. This is the most popular form of scooter, which is designed for driving on asphalt. The main "+": a relatively low cost, lightness and compactness. This variety includes models with 2 and 3 wheels of small diameter;
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  • VelaSmooth (off-road). It is designed for skiing on soil, sand, gravel, etc. It is equipped with large wheels with pneumatic tires;
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  • Sports. He used to perform very complex tricks. The design of this scooter is wheels small diameter and high strength, but they are impossible adjustable steering wheel;
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  • Trike (trider). This three-wheeled scooter with 2 platforms directly under each leg, each platform has a rear wheel well and the front, respectively, they have in common;
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  • Cyborg. It's kind of a combination of skateboard and scooter, which in turn allows the use of 2-ve skating technique. This scooter three-wheeled design (and front are 2-VA wheel), and a shock-absorbing deck made of plywood. There are also models in which the helm is mounted the steering joystick, buyout and more like the skateboards. This is the best option for people who love active driving;
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  • electric skateboard. This is the most modern and the only kind of self-propelled scooter. It is capable of speeds up to 30 km/h. Has an electric motor, which is located directly under the platform. The battery of this scooter can work without interruption up to 60 minutes. For skiing it is not necessary to use force, enough only 1-in time to push off with your foot. The only disadvantage of this scooter is its high price.


Now on the market have the following scooters:

  • Collapsible;
  • step;
  • position.

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