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Increase the potency of the house

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Very often representatives of the stronger sex be faced with reduced potency. To deal with this problem is possible either with the help of doctors, or to raise the potency of your own at home. There are a couple of ways to uluchshenii men's health, but they all require patience. Read more details about that on the site


Methods improve the potency:

  • Power;
  • Sport;
  • popular recipes.

Method # 1: Food

Foods that increase the potency, needs to include substances that improve blood circulation that affect the male reproductive system, etc. In the 1st place it is necessary to give preference to various nuts. The production of testosterone a beneficial effect hazelnuts, walnuts and peanuts. Professionals recommend walnuts mixed with honey, and after 14 days you will see noticeable improvements.

in addition to virility affect the following products:

  • dairy products
  • fresh vegetables
  • red meat
  • seafood,
  • greens.

in addition, it is necessary from your diet to exclude energy drinks, alcohol, soda and coffee. Also worth to reduce the consumption of flour products, and potatoes.


Method # 2: Sports

Proper nutrition will be especially effective along with regular physical exercises - activities to help all men! Every evening and in the morning charge should be paid min 10 min

Special attention should be paid to special. massage. There are entire courses of massage of the scrotum and testicles, which you can view online. Through these procedures, relaxes nervous system, increases immunity and also increase the content of testosterone.


Method # 3: traditional recipes

traditional methods, in the 1st turn, include taking baths with herbs. So, the reproductive system stimulates the adoption of a soothing bath in the decoction of Bay leaf, pine cones and branches, and daisies.

a Special role in the treatment of potency is given to the various concoctions. So, great use for potency are infusions and decoctions of the herb calamus ordinary, Dubrovnik, lemon balm, mint. In addition, the popular ginseng, which was present on the alcohol.

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