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Plastic doors: the main advantages and varieties

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Our time we could easily be called the age of plastic. It should just look at the variety of utensils made of this material — now she's no longer purely disposable, and is acceptable for frequent use. Well, PVC Windows replaced wooden counterparts out of the market.

And even doors in the Executive and solid structures are increasingly set namely made of plastic, not wood. Plastic becomes relevant when 1-St is the savings. Moreover, the modern plastic from their ancestors really went very far. According to manufacturers, it is almost 100% environmentally friendly and safe for life, but today it is possible to decorate any material.

Next, we'll talk in more detail about the plastic doors, which are often installed in various medical institutions. By the way, in Moscow, high-quality plastic you can purchase in OOO "Mederi":

Most people heard this phrase often imagine the front door of the Barber shop or hospital. But the plastic door has long stepped far forward, and over time, ousting other types of doors occupy a new niche.


the Advantages of plastic doors:

  • the relative cheapness;
  • availability (you can buy them in any corner of the Russian Federation);
  • durable;
  • easy operation and installation;
  • they are resistant to fire and are not afraid of moisture;
  • they are virtually not deformed.

Types of plastic doors:

  • interior;
  • balcony;
  • the input.

Immediately depending on their functional purpose, doors have features (and the closing mechanism in the structure). So, interior doors made of plastic have a high shutter, that is why the handle on them is mounted with 2 sides (unlike the balcony). Moreover, in some versions, interior doors it is not possible to set the lock.

When choosing a door the most important thing is that it blends seamlessly with the interior. By the way, this door will cost its future owner very cheap.

doors made of plastic features a huge variety of methods of opening: sliding, swing, folding and revolving. Today the most popular accordion doors.

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