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What are contact lenses for continuous wear

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those people who are the means of contact correction of vision, the risk of chronic inflammatory and infectious eye diseases is much higher than the other, especially if they do not comply with the mode and timing of contact lens wear.

Very huge percentage of people who use contact lenses punctually “perekashivaet” them (periodically allow myself satinati in the lenses), and this, in turn, can lead to very serious complications, as a particular mode of wearing and the period of possible use are produced for each specific type of lenses given the max security for the health of the human eye.

Contact lens called continuous wear lenses made from silicone hydrogel, which has an excellent wettability and a high coefficient of kislotoproduccia in comparison with other lenses. Due to the special structure of the silicone, as well as innovative technology made possible the emergence of “breathable” comfortable lenses with high water content and oxygen permeability.

Soft contact lenses for continuous wear developed for those who at any time needs or is interested in the power of graphics work in the continuous high quality of vision. According to statistics, 42 percent of contact lens wearers experience neverborne desire to sleep or really often fall asleep in the means of contact correction of vision, and 20 percent of people always sleep with them.

Clicking “breathable” contact lenses people expanding their choices to wear. These lenses can be worn any day, removed at night, sometimes sleeping, and sleeping without removing, that is, continuously wear a couple of days without worrying at the same time, about eye health. Directly depending on the recommendations of the manufacturers of contact lenses continuous wear people may not take 6 to 30 days.

Due to the fact that they easily allow oxygen, these lenses reduce reduce dryness and symptoms of hypoxia to the cornea. Just remember that any contact lenses, including extended wear lenses, worn longer than manufacturer's recommended period is impossible.

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