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Pubic lice: How to get rid of unexpected guests?

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On this issue, as many people are ashamed to tell even their own relatives. Such diseases as head lice (pediculosis) is very embarrassing, besides, it is associated directly with a not very good sanitary conditions. Well and if live lice still in intimate areas (pubic), then it only exacerbates the problem. To cure same, while pediculosis in this area is not difficult. About how exactly this can be done we will talk further.


get Rid of pubic lice

today there are specials. gels and shampoos against these "discreet friends". These tools are very effective in fighting this disease. Man enough to be a 1-in times apply 1 of these funds and he will forget about such problem as lice. In order to consolidate the result of the procedure it is better to repeat after 1 week - 10 days. So shampoos can kill these "unwanted guests", and reduce their ability to be attached directly to the hair of nits. All what you need is taking a shower, apply about 10 min. a little shampoo directly on the affected area, then rinse it well and her hair very carefully combed.

in addition, you can also rinse the affected area lice with a solution of vinegar and warm water. Pubic lice secrete a sticky substance, and vinegar in turn, will help it to dissolve, and then get rid of lice will be very simple with an ordinary comb.

Now in pharmacies sell ointment and sprays ("Nittifor", "pax"), which are quite effective plus convenient to use. But know that the smell of these tools is rather unpleasant, therefore, directly when applying you can use an ordinary bandage of gauze. After using the sprays too, need a good comb their hair. Remember that this procedure should be repeated after 7 – 14 days. Often to apply these funds in any case is not necessary, because they are very toxic. In order to get rid of the "parasites" this must be done at least twice.

Also remember about the processing of towels, bedding and underwear + garment that is in direct contact with the areas of destruction. All these things also need to be ironed from both sides. Also will not be superfluous to carefully wash the floors with a solution of bleach.

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