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What you need to know about male infertility

February 17 2017

for a Long time the doctors were sure that if a woman can not get pregnant, then this “guilty” it. Almost 100 % of cases the 1st doctor refers a woman  in order to find out why she can't get pregnant, and not infertile? But according to the statistics: 40 to 50 percent of infertile couples are due to male infertility, and this, in turn, suggests that infertility in men is as common as in women. Therefore, it is also pertinent, as women.


What is infertility?

As the doctors say: infertility in men is nothing more than the inability to fertilize the Mature organism representative of the stronger sex. Infertility is called rather than the disease, and the condition of the body directly where it is possible to observe various violations of many human systems and organs. The result of violations of is infertility and inability to conceive.

it Often happens that any man shock the words of the doctor that he is infertile. “Yes this can not be», — I say to myself many men - “I am absolutely healthy, I feel just fine, I have no problem with erection, I'm tireless in bed.”. All accustomed that the disease must have specific symptoms, but infertility as the doctors, there are no clear signs. Male infertility can be identified purely in the diagnosis of infertility in 2 of the spouses, when the doctor hands have spermatogramma (the results of the analysis of the male sperm).


How to treat?

it would have been much easier if the ability to fertilize would depend solely from the male sexual activity. But, unfortunately, it is not. The main reason for infertility can be a disease that can be unexpected for the representative of the stronger sex (for example, generally does not manifest diseases that are sexually transmitted), excessive replaybility, or Vice versa, hypothermia, trauma, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

causes of male infertility you will be able to give even the most experienced doctor. It is therefore not necessary to hope that you will be able to determine why there was a problem of infertility and how it can be cured. Male infertility is a very complex disease. In order to cure the desired comprehensive and thorough diagnosis under the guidance of a urologist or andrologist, professionally dealing with this problem.

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