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The main causes of male pattern baldness

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When with hair loss face a woman, then the 1st stage is almost negligible. Zametnye prolysiny observed in very old age. But the representatives of the stronger sex, things are very different. 1st signs of hair loss become noticeable after 25 years. And let's see how next goes bald desisexyboy, which recently celebrated 30 years! What is the reason of this phenomenon? Tell us about the author of the new unique from men's obliczenia - gel Get Hair (in detail you can read about it on the website ).


Trichological problem: the primary source

Trichologists (doctors who are professionally engaged in health human hair) are called the elements contributing to rapid hair loss and this:

  • poor diet, alcohol and Smoking;
  • certain internal diseases. organs (problems with the thyroid, diabetes mellitus);
  • improper care and frequent stress;
  • irradiation of radiation and directly bareheaded in the bitter cold or the wind and the sun;
  • bad "heredity";
  • long-term use of certain drugs.

All the data points actually influence the health of human hair. True neither 1 of these items 100% did not disclose such a problem as male pattern baldness.

the above points weaken the scalp of both men and women. But the majority somehow going bald men only. Doctors attribute this to hormonal male characteristics.


is Testosterone to blame!

Testosterone is a hormone of male power, sexuality and masculinity, which is produced by the male sex glands. This hormone say that it is he who makes men men. And what > the better. Mens receding hairline even regarded a sign of heightened sexuality.

This hormone has an impact directly on the condition of the hair. So, if in the blood will be emitted with increased quantity, then the male hair testosterone will act destructively. Initially, the hair thinning and then balding of the scalp instead of hair occurs fluff. In the end, at this place there is a bald spot.


Baldness inheritance

In fact, special attention should be paid to heredity. Often, men go bald that is “inherited”. If grandfather and father were bald, the son will be bald very early.

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