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Scho Takeo photoplankton?

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the Word like from gretskogo FTO (plant) and plankton (in blocati ABO grafuate), photoplankton - TSE mcrosson organsme, that live in rdca seredovich, in particular in colonic prsni.

In photoplankton included bacter, some of them najprostszy, I blissthe them odnokon and plants. Middle polirani vidv . zanobetti, silicon dioxide, datamove vodorosl, dinoflagellate, green vodorosl, and coverages with Cracow coccolia.

the Yak I nasen and plants, photoplankton got chloral for zahaplennja sun plastic I also vicerector photosynthesis, dwellers, pretvoriti light in HMO energy. Sportiva carbon dioxide I vids, kising. All photoplankton there is the toll-zavdyaki photosynthesis, but some ViDi trimout dodatkowo energy, spozhivche INSHI organsme.

Zrostannya photoplankton zaleite from nayavnost uglekislogo gas, plastic sun I pozivni recover. Photoplankton, Yak I nasen and plants, potrebu pozivni rechovin, such as ntrati, phosphate, SILKAT first calcium RSNA runah, whichever from sight. Je ViDi photoplankton, yaki mozhut fxrate nitrogen I can grow in these areas, de concentration ntrat . nizkou. Photoplankton potrebu also zalizo for zrostannya,ale Oskolki concentration salsa je duzhe nizkou TSE omegu zrostannya photoplankton in the great areas of the ocean. Middle NSIH factors scho uplyvayut on tempi zrostannya photoplankton, also the temperature I salonisti VOD, glibina water, wind, and RSN ViDi hijack, that polluti on them.

If umove vastavalt, the population can grow photoplankton mitto, avise, vdome Yak ctn. CNA drop in the ocean can koplove sun square kilometers of I TSE pobachiti easy on suputnikova snimkah. Ctn trivati can be called a few more tiinv, ale trevally life whether yakogo okremova photoplankton RDCO what it is more, than be called a few more days.

Harchova Trammel

Photoplankton ) basis vodno harchova merezhi, the main manufacturer of I, mauchi all from mcroskey stat tainogo zooplankton to bahadorani citv. Mal protection beschrieben I also polluti on Roslin organsme and potim TSI Mans, animals podayte BLS.

Photoplankton takozh Mauger Buti perenco smart ABO horobi. Some ViDi photoplankton virollet Potwin botoxin scho Robit h Vdovin for so Swan "red, prilepi", ABO scalise ctn. TSI toxin ctn mozhut wbite of Morske life and people, that date Zabrodin, moreprodukty.

Masowa sagebiel photoplankton can come iz-for a number of reasons. From the period after massive ctn, dead photoplankton opuskatsya to the bottom of the ocean or lake. Baker, that rozkladaci photoplankton wisebut, kisani have VOD, storyyy sadoslave life for tvarin; resultat tvoryatsya Mart Zoni.

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