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February 24 2017

in Suchasna widely poseren zwicka, provoditi sviy vilny hour before I montore, grouchy in whether Yak time from GRU svoimi friends. I especially zwicka proyavlyaetsya in paltava pokolinnya. Of course, many people will say, scho TSE Marne a waste of an hour, scho TSE razviva goresti I podn that way. Ale chomu well have our time all bilshe I bilshe people SDA for the comp'lately for the cob Gris?



  • Primarily, grayce online GRU (by the way, free of charge pagrati online igri can be on suit a), VI can have a coop friends have nezvychayna for our world obstanov (for example, when propojen quests). TSE duzhe DOPOMOGA Tim people, that zamknout ABO zatsiklen themselves sobi;
  • So needless TSI igri doomgate rozvivati the uyav. Beauty pazaev, jahlive soundnet monstru - TSE to dosit velik Trudy hudozhniku. Sami torts comp uterna Igor in Danian hour namagayutsya to do h ECOMOG realstionship, and TSE not tilki otnositsa to grafti, ale I to samo gravo systems. In grah - mayzhe all scho I in real it: a, friendship, Veronica, love, children, clothing I navti domaln of animals. Wasmachine Bulo, scho zavateh gracw have taqiy genre Igor, Yak RPG, duzhe chest usual SNI;
  • Some mozhut, dumate scho igri tuplet, ale TSE Chi so naprawd? Dwellers the way a good gravem, need good, dumate. Have quiet themselves online strategies need parahopeite svo? vlasnik go I d vorogiv dwellers zdobyty Peremoga;
  • Valuim plus comp uterna Igor je mozliwosci sarallei on them. So, avise Carsport panalo nteres have vsih gracw. In in viscacha wssa growih Turnov s groovie vinogradari. Not ale mozhut tilki turni of posluziti method zarobku. To dosit podivitis on vdoma blogers, that sarabseth on the fact scho INSHI people just depletes those Yak TSI Sami, blogeri graute have something.


  • Basic nedolon, bezperechno, je vtrata Veliko clast hour. Online graj no knezevo methylene, Yakima bi rozlisenim grove character boov, VIN Mauger shte silnim the way (need to dodati: dwellers, otrymaty dostatno strong character, dovedetsja vlasti not one misyats), Yakima bi potuznik not the CCB, the gate, z always has to be one potugese for poperechnogo. So, gravity just gabitisa the oldest in the game, salecause svy Rozum have virtualname in, that ncode not the Veda;
  • Nastepnym mosom mozhut why Sami grafts, h bazhannia peramugari duzhe often Miu s Agricu, scho grouchy, you can pochuti bagato everyone knows, what does vdoma nepristojnyj SLV I posilu scho troch warp vdott from girovago processes;
  • it should be sche can say about vitrata pennies. In order dwellers otrisovat bike Periago before himi, some grafts vkladat that Chi Hu GRU realin money. Nod to tsogo Primus Gras itself, after rozrozniamy Ter need for something to live, scho stink salecause Graca obrazkami Shvidko posiliti character, for propoganda, folding, saudan ABO that podna speeches.


So, gravtsyam Varto nauchitsya nobility the world, vincati of periodic, if supinates, if after schos right to use, TSE Mauger Buti duzhe something korisnik.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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