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Endometriosis of the cervix: What is it?

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called Endometriosis a gynecological disease that is characterized by growth of tissue of the endometrium (related endometrium) outside the womb. As reported gynaecological website : according to statistics, the prevalence of endometriosis is 3-e a place among the diseases of the reproductive system in women after different types of inflammatory conditions and uterine fibroids. This is often find the disease in women 25 to 40 years (i.e. of reproductive age). But sometimes this disease is also diagnosed in women who are in postmenopausal women and adolescent girls.

in the absence of treatment, the disease can cause infertility or serious complications. In addition, it is also found malignant transformation is transformation into a malignant tumor pathologically altered tissue. Therefore, early detection and adequate therapy of this disease, which is a very important task for the gynecologist.



Endometrioid enable klassificeret their locations:

  • genital endometriosis, which refers to the ovaries, uterus, vulva, fallopian tubes, pelvic peritoneum, vagina;
  • extragenital endometriosis, which is localized in the organs of the urinary system, bowels, lungs, postoperative scars and other EXT. authorities;
  • also has a combined data form 2 types of endometriosis.

In most cases, endometriosis of the perineum and vagina is a complication of endometriosis of the cervix, it is relatively rare. And internal endometriosis of the uterus called adenomyosis. Diffuse form of internal endometriosis of the uterus pathological process covers the entire uterine wall, and the focal - affects only its parts.

Directly in the development of adenomyosis is stage 4 characterized by different depth of foci of the disease

  • with the 1st stage, the mucous membrane grows in the boundary layer of the myometrium and endometrium;
  • during the 2nd stage of the pathological process covers the middle of the thickness of the myometrium;
  • when the 3rd stage, the foci grow to a serous cover;
  • during the 4th stage there is a huge number of ovarian cysts, rather deep foci, and splicing of the interior. bodies.

Factors of development:

  • breech;
  • surgical intervention on the organs of small pelvis;
  • heredity; the
  • a cesarean;   
  • abortion.

Pregnancy and endometriosis of uterus

In the ranking of the main causes of female infertility are 1 of the first places it is uterine endometriosis. The conception of a child may prevent atrophy of the ovaries as a result of proliferation of endometriosis, tubal obstruction and many other disorders. But if the long-awaited pregnancy still occurred, increases the risk of miscarriage during the gestation of the baby, uterine rupture and break its walls. It is therefore not necessary to risk their health, this disease it is better to cure before planning the pregnancy itself.



  • infertility;
  • pain syndrome (observed in more than half of all women suffering from the endometriosis);
  • menorrhagia (blood loss during menstruation, which exceeds the physiological norm);
  • pelvic pain;
  • dysmenorrhea (this is a pathological process which is accompanied by severe pain in the region of the abdomen directly upon the menstrual period);
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • spotting directly from the genital tract, but not during a monthly cycle.


Endometriosis diagnosed by:

  • hysteroscopy;
  • ultrasound of the pelvis;
  • gynaecological examination with inspection of the external portion of the cervix and cavity of the vagina;
  • biopsy;  
  • x-ray genital tract.


the Choice of method of treatment of endometriosis depends on the severity of the disease, severity of symptoms, age of the woman, as well as its plans to preserve their reproductive function.

medications, which includes anti-inflammatory, hormonal, symptomatic and desensitizing therapy aimed at slowing the growth of endometrial tissue. Also, sometimes resort to surgery - limb-sparing conducted using laparoscopy or radical, which removes the uterus.

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