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What is spanx

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Shapewear used to utgivna body, this creates an illusion, as the min size < than he really is. But to conclude that shapewear 1-in, or multiple sizes < than in reality required the woman, make her thinner 2 Islands or more sizes, is 100% not true. improper size as min may not have the desired effect, and max damage, excessive pinching vessels.


How to wear shapewear?

the Most popular colors of the clothes – black and Nude. Accordingly, a color or light-colored clothing will fit bodily shapewear (but only when the linen is hidden directly beneath the clothes). But black slimming underwear can be worn directly under the dark clothing. If the woman is the supporter of the approach, prohibiting the fairer sex in all situations except for the bed, use any underwear, except for grey, then she can stop purely on a beige color.

of Course, this means that the woman is also a supporter of the approach that anyone can allow or prohibit her something to wear yourself. But the most common colors, compression as well as conventional underwear can be any color. Print or flashy colors on this linen, however, often do not occur.


Slimming underwear: what to wear?

By and large, corrective underwear can be worn with almost any clothing. To choose model it is possible even under translucent clothes. Of course, using common sense – to put, for example, slimming pants directly under the transparent dress is not a very good idea. Well knickers it is possible to choose.

anyway, the spanx under tight clothing not only can be worn, in General, this is its basic meaning: - fitting clothing accentuates all the bends/curves and the lack of drawbacks of the figure, the woman looks graceful and slim, and slimming underwear that was worn on the body is her personal secret.

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