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iPhone: Which often breaks down in "Apple" gadget?

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Now even the kids know what is “iPhone”. This smartphone, which became available to the public 7 years ago (in 2010), just captivated people with its broad functionality and stylish design and various multimedia features. Today, despite the machinations of rivals and high costs, of its class iPhone is the most sold portable gadget. But even the crown technical thoughts is broken in the process of its operation.

Next, we consider the most frequent breakdowns of "Apple" gadget and tell us about them, the service center "Apple of Kiev", where you can enjoy the price of which directly depends on smartphone model and type of the failure.


Most common breakage IPhones:


  • Mechanical damage to the shell. When falling from a certain height or a severe blow to the fragile housing of the gadget is unlikely to be able to protect “stuffing” your iPhone from damage. In addition, it is also necessary to mention that the display module is made of glass, and this means that directly at the fall home  damage to get the most important element of the gadget. To prevent mechanical breakdowns will help the orderly operation of your IPhone;
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  • Breaking button «Home». This button is 1 of the few function buttons of the iPhone, clicking on which gives you the opportunity, from any active application to return directly to the main menu. The fault of the "home" button is a very common phenomenon, which is caused by the strong mechanical action or active operation, resulting in the rupture of the membranes, and as a result, the button goes down. In order to identify and to eliminate breakage, it is necessary to very carefully look at your smartphone and when you tap even minor problems immediately appeal to the master;
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  • Problems with battery. Often, problems with the batteries appear not immediately, but only after a certain time. It may be a couple of reasons: improper charging, poor battery, dust, moisture and mechanical action. Therefore, choosing a smartphone, we must pay special attention to the type of rechargeable batteries (polymer batteries are more durable, reliable and better than the usual lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries). Compliance with the rules of charging and careful operation will also help extend the life of the battery.

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