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Limitations in everyday life after cataract surgery

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"Cataract" - this diagnosis is scary and makes you think about how to proceed. If this happens, the you have been diagnosed the ophthalmologist, you should not worry too much about it. Modern medicine allows us to regain good vision quickly and painlessly. Almost immediately after the operation the patient can return home and lead an ordinary life, but with slight adjustments. The doctor will write a list of recommendations that must be followed for some time. The most important thing - not to overwork the eyes, so as not to cause complications. You'll even be able to watch TV for 3 hours after . Some rules will have to comply with:

  • to Limit TV viewing to two hours a day;
  • the
  • to Look in the distance 1,5-2 meters;
  • the
  • take small breaks.

Immediately after surgery should not do sharp slopes, it is necessary to protect eyes from the sudden drop in temperature, do not RUB them, to abandon the use of alcohol, not to lift weights, do not sleep on the side of the operated eye and refuse to visit the baths or saunas. Restrictions will gradually decrease, but it should strictly follow the doctor's recommendations. Over time, you will be able to return to a normal lifestyle. Theatre visits, trips to the cinema, doing sports, reading books, eating a favorite food - all this and more will be available as before.

Some time after the surgery will need to visit the doctor to monitor the rehabilitation process. As a rule, recovery is going well and without complications. Modern technologies allow to achieve positive result during the vision correction. Manipulation is performed under local eye drop anesthesia, no pain will be, this anesthesia does not affect the internal organs and is the most safe. So no need to worry about what your life will be like after surgery. No household restrictions will not, your life will not change. You will be able to regain the ability to see well and do what you love.

Refer to ophthalmologist and diagnose vision, to prevent yourself from cataracts. The doctor will tell you how to avoid this disease. If during diagnosis, the doctor will determine cataracts, be sure to ask all the questions that you will be interested in. Rest assured that everything will remain the same, except the quality of your vision, and it is just gorgeous!

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