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How to choose a water filter?

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Human health depends directly on the quality of water consumed. Throughout life, we drink approximately 50,000 kg of water. Therefore, special attention should be paid to its quality. The main component of water quality – is its purity from all kinds of harmful impurities.

of Course, all the water that comes to us directly through taps, is the appropriate treatment. TZ purification from various microorganisms tap water is safe. But organoleptic properties of water (colour, taste and smell), very often not satisfied with ordinary Ukrainians.

So, in odor, a significant impact is content chlorine + various organic substances containing this element.

the color of the water often affects very high concentration in it of rust, sand and silt. The presence of rust in the water very often is because long past the lifetime of tubes. In addition to rust in tap water may contain soluble gases, petroleum products and other toxic to the human body substances.

are a mainstay in the treatment of water from the tap. Recently, in view of the tremendous diversity of such devices on the shelves of shopping malls and shops to choose such a filter becomes more and more difficult. With this choice faces almost every family. Next, we consider the basic types of filters for water purification.


types of filters

Now release these types of filters:

  • Nozzle. This is a fairly compact device, which is made of metallic plastic. Immediately before the operation they are mounted on the kitchen faucet with all kinds of attachments. This type of filters, mainly designed for water purification from rust and chlorine;
  • Jugs. This water purifier, made of high quality plastic, which consists of 2 parts: the upper part of the flood waters and the lower water flows directly after cleaning. This type of filters, mainly designed to purify water from rust, chlorine, and other impurities;
  • “Under the sink". These devices represent massive wastewater treatment system, which are mounted in the water supply system using hoses to bring water directly from the water supply to the filter is not functioning.

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