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Stoves: What are they?

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Probably nothing can be better than a bath? Steam itself is directly for washing, and it is the source of good mood and health, a place where people can gather with their friends and acquaintances. Bath procedures have become a kind of ritual. Well, the Central element of the bath, of course, is the oven. Next, we'll talk about the types of sauna stoves and tell us about them, an employee of the company «Montazemi" (official site by the way, you can order the installation of the furnace in the bath with SPb).


Variety of furnaces for a bath

today there are a huge number of bath furnace and all of them can be divided according to certain criteria.

On a material of manufacturing furnaces for baths are:

  • - Metal;
  • the Brick.

Brick oven, in turn, are:

  • dymooborotah;
  • Flow.

According to the method of placing the stones of the furnace for baths are:

  • Permanent actions;
  • Periodic action.  

Brick oven for baths

This is the original and most ancient form of ovens, which is 100 years ago truth and faith was to our ancestors. They "+" are obvious: such ovens can create high-quality steam, give a soft warm, people just will not be burned if you touch the heated stoves, they can retain heat for a long time.

Selecting a brick oven for bath it is necessary to take into account the fact that the furnace design of periodic operation provide hot stones to 600 0 C, and furnace continuous action able to heat the stones only up to 300 0 C.


Metal furnaces for baths

a smart alternative to a brick bath furnaces are made of metal.
Their "+"

  • min wood consumption;
  • Reliability and quality are guaranteed by the manufacturer;
  • Fast heating;
  • These furnaces never crack;
  • Low installation cost;
  • the Speed and ease of installation;
  • No need to build a strong Foundation, which in turn significantly reduces the installation costs.

"-" of these ovens is that they absolutely do not accumulate heat, as a result, immediately upon termination of the furnace - they very quickly cool down.

Buying a metal stove, see that it should match the volume of the steam. In addition, it is also important to consider heat losses.

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