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Myopia and its causes

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Myopia – such pathology in which a person sees clearly only objects that are near, while objects located remotely can be seen clearly and can recognize them easily.

With myopia person sees especially bad in the twilight, in the evening especially hard to navigate in the street or driving a car. Often have to strain your eyes and as a result, the overvoltage may lead to headaches and fatigue. But the worst thing myopia -risk of retinal detachment, which leads to irreversible loss of vision.

short-Sightedness may develop in:

  • Excessive dilini the eyeball – which is the main and most common cause. Each human eye has about the same size-24 mm. case of myopia, the figure rises to 30 or more mm, and the shape of the eyeball to become ellipsoid. This form leads to a stretching of the back of the eye and can lead to undesirable changes in the fundus.
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  • Irregular shape of the cornea – the size of the eyes with normal but myopia appears over-refraction ( refraction of light rays) of the optical system of the eye. The light beams are refracted strongly and so well focused before the retina causing distant objects are not clearly visible.

the causes of myopia:

  1. Heredity (Genetically determined myopia) often plays a major role in the causes of myopia. If one or both parents have myopia, the greater probability that the children will suffer from this disease.
  2. Adverse environmental conditions. Especially long work with small objects or being in close proximity to the object, the so-called professional and school myopia. Very susceptible to the residents of the cities where a lot of closed spaces (office, Elevator, car, workplace) and focus on more distant objects is not possible. Also affected by prolonged computer work, reading, knitting, writing. In consequence of which the eyes are overstrained and become very vulnerable to the occurrence of myopia. In such circumstances, to protect the body from the occurrence of myopia is possible using the protective lenses. These lenses can be purchased in majoring in a store . the

  3. inadequate intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In the first place on the organ of vision is affected by the b vitamins and C and also mineral elements such as magnesium, zinc, manganese. They are all necessary for the formation of the tissues of the sclera and its development.
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  5. General weakening of the body. The weakening occurs due to stress, overwork, as a result of a poor diet, low immunity, viral and infectious diseases.
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  7. the Lack of correction when the first symptoms of myopia. Ignoring the first signs of myopia, the disease will progress and will lead to a significant deterioration of vision. Experts often recommend the wearing of special lenses that help improve vision and prevent further complications and the development of myopia.
  8. other reasons which include all those of the body, causing the weakening of the body and disorders of the nutrient supply to the eye. Postnatal trauma and injuries to the head, increasing intracranial pressure and intraocular, and other disorders of the organ of vision (strabismus, astigmatism, etc.).

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