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Filter for complex water treatment

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Around a century ago, you could safely drink the water from almost all fresh bodies of water. But the rapid development of industry and technical and scientific progress became the reason for widespread water pollution. Today, the trend of modernity is a comprehensive water treatment, because in most countries water resources contain just a few harmful impurities. The usual water purifier is simply ineffective.


high Quality removal of water from various impurities

integrated Systems of water treatment allow to remove:

  • organic matter;
  • impurities of manganese and iron;
  • calcium and magnesium (soften the water);
  • ammonium, sulfates, and nitrates.

the water purification is carried out using multifunctional filters, details of which can be . To install such filters is advantageous because it is not necessary to do a preliminary analysis of the water that comes out of the tap in order to identify the kind of cleaning the element you want to focus. Integrated water treatment to cope with almost all the pollutants, without exception, almost as well as the very popular reverse osmosis filters.


Regenerating download

Preparing download (or mixtures) that are installed in the filters of a comprehensive treatment provides a thorough stirring of absolutely all the cleaning elements, as is the weight must 100% match the recipe. In these filters it is possible to conduct the regeneration of the purifying material directly by using a preformed salt. In the systems of Cabinet and column type regeneration download sovershaetsya on the machine, in the other – have the material to wash yourself. In any case – the material is much longer because of its cleansing properties, you can sometimes recover by normal washing.


Selection filter

immediately upon filter selection should be guided by such factors as: desired value filter, the required performance and the amount of free space.

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