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Ways transportuvannya ailing

May 27 2014

Danian mater│al about Bude korisny not t│lki prats│vnikam medichno┐ the Branch, and the second paragraphgrowth of people in one of Quality │z aspekt│v persho┐ medichno┐ care to the. Ailments, injuries seryozn│st yakogo potrebu║ away perem│schennya in mortgage receptionists care to the Health Protection for nadannya, d│agnostiki i l│kuvannya, guilty Buti perem│scheny s dotrimannyam ch│tkih rules i vimog. Perem│schennya ailing mortgage in l│kuvalny chi v│dd│lennya, Mauger zd│ysnyuvatisya one ih nastupnih sposob│v:
- pid hands - vikoristovu║tsya for transfer to poterp│logo Neznachny v│dstan for v│dsutnost│ burden;
- on noshah have vipadkah, if not Mauger ailing peresuvatis samost│yno;
- from mashin│ shvidko┐ care to the medichno┐ have vipadkah, if pats│║ntu shown negayna gosp│tal│zats│ya.
Transportuvannya poterp│logo, fallow in mind iazhkost│ zahvoryuvannya (injury), guilty zd│ysnyuvatisya in polozhenn│, perevazhno, recumbent, in suprovod│ medichno┐ teams. When vazhkomu stan│ pats│║nta, s nayavnimi torn down zhitt║vo vazhlivih funkts│y organ│zmu, blame zabezpechuvatis mozhliv│st Venue of nev│dkladnih rean│mats│ynih zahod│v.
The character that osoblivost│ complex d│y │z zabezpechennya zhitt║d│yalnost│ poterp│logo, deposits od nature of that stage vazhkost│ otrimanogo urazhennya. So, napriklad:
- traumatic injury Mozkovy - perem│schennya recumbent, zabezpechivshi zneruhomlennya head;
- shock mill │z krovovtratami - recumbent, │z zabezpechennyam infusion krovozam│nnika;
- │nfarkt m│okarda - supine on spin│;
- nabryak legen│v, asthma,problemi │z dihannyam - nap│vsidyachi, p│slya nadannya PMD.
i Ch│tke posl│dovne dotrimannya Tsikh rules uniquely p│dvischu║ Shanxi pats│║nta on oduzhannya i povnu reab│l│tats│yu without nasl│dk│v.

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