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The art of massage and its types

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The Art of massage - this is one of the oldest medical techniques in the world. Since its WHOpenetration, for several thousand years BC to the present day and the various types of massage techniques are widely used in medicine and private practice for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Massage promotes relaxation of the human body get rid of excess tension, stress, etc. Species and there are many massage techniques, to explain itis Busy so what is the purpose and use environment, as well as an objective, historical aspects - because every nation, in one way or another, anciently used massage, developed it, and bring your own original thoughts. Regardless of the type, technically, massage is a set of practices impact on tissues or organs (rubbing, pressure, vibratione impact, etc.), aimed at creating a therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating or any other desired effect. As a result of such exposure, the impulses from the receptors on nerve fibers in the central nervous system, giving it the desired action (stimulating, relaxing, etc.), which in turn affects the physiological systems of the bodyin general or specifically (depending on the purpose of the massage). And you can find a massage therapist on site:

The main types of massage:

  • Medical - is used in the treatment process and during rehabilitation. "Sphere of influence" of this type of massage include disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract,cardiovascular system, etc.;
  • sports (preparation, recovery);
  • hygienic;
  • cosmetic.

Class A massage also by the method of execution (classical, Finnish, Thai,point, etc.) or application (general or local).

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