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Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Renaissance

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Center « & raquo ;: Renaissance provides services in solving problems arising from abusedrugs and alcohol.
Their work begins with the diagnosis of the disease, identify the roots of addiction, recovery of physical condition, course of rehabilitation and therapy, and ends with the re-socialization and independent life in society without the harmful and destructive habits.

Basic principles of operation:

- Individual approach to each person.
- Protection of interests.
- Positive attitude on the result.
- Professionalism.
- Respect and tolerance.
- Transparency relationship.

The man who got into the network of dependence on alcohol, drugs and other addictions, as the pracTeak is very hard to cope with it, and sometimes even impossible. You can even define the problem without resorting to specialists, but how to solve it, not many people know.
Work on roots dependence skills persistent rejection drugs, reassessment of values, it is what the experts emphasize treatment and rehabilitation center « Renaissance & raquo ;. A multidisciplinary approach to each person, so the success of their work.

In the center of the development of the program was attended by specialists of the highest category, which have not only scientific expertise, but also practical skills in treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. The program is based on the center mnogoletnego experience with various forms of addictions, from alcohol to the border states in the field of psychotherapy.

They also have extensive experience in working with recurrent states. During their work, they have significantly reduced the rate of drug abuse among young people due to ongoing primary proprevention in schools. Center « & raquo ;, Renaissance as someone else realizes that prevent a lot easier and cheaper than cure.

Rehabilitation Program Center « Renaissance » allow the patient to look at ourselves and to strengthen the forces on the road to recovery.

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