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Blood sugar

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recommend the routine, regardless of age and state of healthI. Wellness - this is not an indicator of good health and a lack of lurking disease. It's no secret that there are serious diseases and disorders in the functioning of the body systems that are very long period of time do not appear outwardly - to identify their origin or development, can often on "Next", which remains inblood. Sugar analysis does not take much time, does not create discomfort, but the result obtained at the same time has a very high value. Because the results do not provide information about how many sweets you eat - they help define the development of diseases affecting the endocrine system, in particular this applies to diabetes.

The main symptoms that should "make" a person to take action diagnostics (such as delivery of the analysis of sugar), can serve as a constant thirst, increase in the number, by increasing the concentration of glucose, urine, regular dry mouth, itching of the skin or mucous membranes, systematic weakness, tiringBridges. If there is at least one of the symptoms, especially a combination of – better to visit a doctor. In addition, as mentioned above, a number of diseases, such as diabetes of the second type, the characteristic symptoms of non-existent - and therefore need to undergo a medical examination on a regular basis. Analysis on the sugar content must teachesth normal way of life, its power system. An exception can be any acute infection, trauma, pregnancy, etc.

Evaluation of the results:

- 3,3 – 5,5 mmol / L – normal maintenance;
- 5,5 – 6,0 mmol / L – pre-diabetes;
- 6,1 mmol / l and above – stage of development of diabetes.

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