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Pest control: what is it For?

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"Disinsection is a complex of activities whose purpose is the destruction of insects that are potentially dangerous for human health. As you know, a normal ant or a fly have a strong influence in the ecosystem, therefore, to destroy them completely would be extremely unwise. But, getting into the human abode, they can cause damage to both property and the health of its inhabitants", - tells the employee health service "".

Of the most common insects that like to live near the person, you can call:

  • cockroaches;
  • flies;
  • bugs;
  • mol;
  • mosquitos
  • all sorts of worms etc.

Some of them, like the mole, in addition to damage things and cause people to have allergies. In addition to allergic reactions, insect contact with the person can cause recent serious communicable disease.


types of pest control

There are 2 main kinds of VA pest control:

  • consumer;
  • prevention.

First, in addition to 100% destruction of parasites and their eggs (larvae) hidden in the house, involves the overlap of all pathways for potential pests.

Task preventative pest control is the cleanliness in the house, proper food storage and timely disposal of waste.


in addition, pest control is also:

  • Biological. She is fighting parasites through insects and animals that eat them directly;
  • Mechanical. It is to eliminate insects with the help sweeping floors, wiping walls, and other surfaces. In addition this also includes vacuuming + the use of sticky insect;
  • Chemical. It consists of activities that aim to influence with him. funds to the digestive tract of insects by air or by contact. So, 1-no drugs eliminate the insect, while others only repel them;
  • Physical. It involves boiling the clothes + the processing of all kinds of surfaces with steam; this can include also the freezing.

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