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Sports nutrition: what does it need?

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1-on of the main problems athletes is an inability to plan their own routine. Many of them prefer is "from the belly" one - a maximum of two times a day, interrupting the rest of the time "pasture". Remember: this food will never give gluemy results, because the human body is very important on regular basis to obtain the necessary minerals and vitamins, and for 1-in meal people can absorb only a limited amount of carbohydrates and protein.

to Solve the same problem with daily use is necessary for the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins can sports nutrition. By the way, you can buy in the online store However it should be noted that it is never 100% substitute for natural food! So remember that every day you should have 3 to 4 full meals.



In terms of fast weight play a decisive role gainer (carbohydrate-protein mixture). Partially hydrolyzed protein and meticulously-selected complex carbohydrates are the most powerful growth stimulant of muscle cells. Nearly all athletes know that during the day they need to get to 2.5 grams. protein per 1 kg of their own weight. But when you consider that 1-in a meal to digest does not > 35 Gy. protein, many of them are having very specific problems. On the one hand the digestive system can no longer cope with six or cameratopam power, and with another - not all in force life circumstances have the opportunity to secure a full, regular meals.



In this case come to the aid of proteins, which are products with very low, practically equal to 0, total fat and carbohydrates and high in protein. Mixing them with milk, juice or water you can secure the disposable portion of the protein is literally in the 1st glass. Proteins are very easy razmeshivatsya, and they are quite comfortable to carry with you throughout the day, taking them in the breaks between the "main" meals.



in Order for exercise to work out one hundred percent and not to fall with your legs from fatigue, the athlete simply can not do without engineers. It is a spice. medications designed for use throughout exercise. In the energy sector contains fast to digest carbohydrates, which provide the athlete the "energy supply" through the session. Also the consumption of power gives you the ability to attenuate the catabolic processes that appear due to lack of power.


Amino acids

Also the most important component of the diet professionals are amino acid complexes. Free peptides and amino acids result from the cleavage (full hydrolysis) of protein molecules. The intake of amino acid complexes directly after intensive exercise is of crucial importance for the quality muscle tissue that are depleted; only in this case is the full potential of the increased hormonal levels that appeared in the body of an athlete after a workout, accelerated the growth of strength and muscle mass.

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