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What equipment do I need for furnishing of the salt cave (room)

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furnishing of the salt cave don't need a lot of equipment, because more therapeutic effect does not provide it, and  salt is a natural material, which then lined the ceiling and floor, and walls. Salt is here formed even such additional items as: beading, stalagmites, stalactites, which give the room similar to natural salt caves. There are clients who prefer to see in their salt, even the furniture (sofas, armchairs, couches), which is also made of compacted salt.


Main equipment used in the salt room

basically, the salt room is used:

  • the ventilation system;
  • measuring instruments (hygrometers, thermometers);
  • ionizers (purifiers);
  • lamps (including salt);
  • halogenerators (by the way, can be purchased in the online store

in addition, the salt rooms are also very often used:

  • lamp decorative lighting;
  • the device aromatherapy;
  • audio stereo speakers (for voice or musical accompaniment sessions), etc.

In the salt cave, there are no trifles, everything is important – air quality, lighting and design. Crucial spray salt (the halogen generator), which yavyaetsya the main supplier of dry aerosol salt mixture in the space of the room. On the basis of the modern halogenerators are new technologies that greatly grind sea salt. In the end, salt in the air is in suspension, thanks to the cave and creates a special microclimate.

Companies that offer specials. equipment for salt cave, currently produce 3 main types of halogenerators:

  • ultrasonic;
  • jet (compressor);
  • steam.

the Unique equipment of salt caves, which today produces the world's leading firms, provides an opportunity for 100% to heal bronchitis, respiratory illness, and asthma at an early stage. Wonderful air of the salt cave helps with heart disease, allergies, people suffering from skin diseases and immunocompromised.

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