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Why a person bites his nails?

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the Habit of nail biting or biting nails, scientifically called onychophagia. Directly to the development of this disease are certain emotional reasons. Stress at work, in educational institutions, low self-esteem or poor themselves are the main causes of onychophagia.

the Desire to chew on a Burr or nails (onychophagia) – this is nothing but a disease. And doctors klassificeret it in a 1-in a series with Smoking and occupation Masturbation. If you want to overcome this bad habit, then you can read the seven effective tips to overcome it.


nail Biting: a temporary action, or habit



Onychophagia is the main symptom of disorders of normal human behavior. This habit is often caused by strong emotional feelings and stress, so it has a temporary character. Such a problem as the nibble nails, are very common, particularly in children of primary school and preschool ages. Thus, according to statistics, nail biting more than a third of all children. Though this disease and is caused by different reasons that sometimes justify such actions, but still onychophagia is a bad habit, talking about the failure of the model of human behavior.

the Nibble nails is very dangerous, because can cause various serious problems to human health. Directly under the nails accumulate a lot of germs and bacteria that getting in the mouth can cause worm infestation and dangerous infectious diseases.


Reasons why people bite their nails



biting your nails primarily is a symptom of nervousness, and as a manifestation of human anxiety. So his body reacts in various stressful situations. Onychophagia is a kind of psychological protection.
There are a couple of causes of this bad habit, namely:

  • the Reaction to the conflict;
  • Masochism;
  • Insecurity.
  • Heredity; the
  • Reaction to stressful situations.
  • the Aggression is directed at yourself.
  • Brittle nails.

And remember: Onihofagiya – not a sentence, can get rid of it!

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