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Plasma cutting: What is it?

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Plasma cutting was developed > 50 years ago. 1st plasma cutting machines saw the light back in the sixties minuvshego century. Huge machines were very expensive, which is why I bought them only to large industrial enterprises.

At the beginning of the 21st article plasma cutting has become more common and more affordable. The machines have been improved, become more productive, cheap and compact. In the end, plasma cutting has become a very common in different industries. Next, we'll talk about plasma cutting more details and tell us about her employee "Metallstroysnab", which can be ordered .



when compared with the oxyfuel, plasma cutting has the technology much easier. She doesn't need refueling, special observance of measures of fire safety delivery of gas cylinders, as well as additives for cutting precious metals. Plasma cutting requires deprive the air and electricity supplies are – the electrode and the nozzle.



the process of plasma cutting is the result of intensive melting of metal directly along the cutting line by means of the heat of the compressed electric arc and the future removal of the liquid metal with a high-speed plasma flow.



today, there are a huge variety of machines for plasma cutting, which differ in control systems, power and size. Installation for plasma cutting of enormous size are controlled by the PC. There are also manual compact units. Regardless of power, types and sizes, all units are similar in design and function one and the same principle.

plasma cutting machines come in 2 types:

  • Analog;
  • Inverter.

Analog, in turn, require for their work heavy transformer and apply power > 2 kW.

Inverter, in turn, is used alternating current. They are more common, because in an unsatisfactory condition of an electric network they are able to provide continuous operation. Also, these plasma cutting equipment save energy.

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