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How to choose a hearing aid?

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the Return of a person who is hard of hearing to normal life really with the help of modern technology. Next, we'll talk about what best buy.


Key selection criteria

Everyone knows that properly selected hearing aid may even aggravate your hearing problems. Especially careful should be those people who choose such a device for their elderly parents.

Today there are huge number of companies and manufacturers that offer shirokishi choice of hearing AIDS from the simplest to the most advanced.


How to choose “your” product?

  • Advice of the audiologist. The doctor will examine the ear canal of the patient, to get acquainted with its history, course and characteristics of the disease. People will talk about in what situation and how often he thinks to use the hearing aid +, under any circumstances, he feels max difficulty hearing and communicating. Assessing the set of requirements and factors, the doctor will choose for a person model of hearing aid that will meet the parameters of his hearing. The specialist will take into account peculiarities of the physiology of the patient + financial side of the coin in order to choose the most appropriate hearing aid;
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  • Complete diagnostics. The 1st thing to do is to pass the audiogram. Sometimes the audiologist can use the audiogram, which is already available to you, but only if it was not sladana > 1 month ago. According to the data of an audiogram, the doctor chose the most human machine optimum power, which will later be used for individual adjustment of hearing aid;
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  • Test settings + customizing camera. The doctor adjusts the hearing aid via special. computer software. In the settings specify not only the data of an audiogram of the patient, and also the conditions under which that hearing aid will be applied + other individual characteristics;
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  • Practice and training user. When people choose the optimal hearing aid, then he will need to learn how to use it. Often, after some time after purchasing and wearing a hearing aid, people can come to understand that we need small his ponastroila. And there is nothing strange, because the set of such delicate equipment from 1st times given all the details is almost impossible.

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