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Belt for waist and weight loss: myth or reality

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To combat overweight used a variety of ways: from miracle diets to complexes of special exercises. One of the ways to deal with excess inches around the waist – this is a special belt for lower back presented on the website . We will try to understand how effective this device is, whether it gives real results.

seeking to buy such a belt? First and foremost, these are people who don't have time for the gym. According to marketers, enough daily wear the device for 2-3 hours, and the waist becomes thinner than 2-3 cm, and the stomach is not as noticeable and bulk. The principle of operation of such zones are different. Let's consider them in more detail.

Lumbar brace “Volcano”

Belt “Volcano” has a thermal effect on the subcutaneous fat. It is made from special materials, creating a “greenhouse effect”. Due to this, the fat melted, and the folds on the sides and abdomen are reduced. The bandage is 3 layers of different materials.

  • Nylon with lycra.
  • the
  • Rubber.
  • the
  • Fabric.

All three layers together provide a good insulation. Particles of fat are removed along with sweat and toxins. In addition, the belt provides a micro-massage on problem area. The belt is quite comfortable, does not interfere with the performance of the usual work, exercise or walking. Enough to wear it for about 45 minutes a day for 1-2 months until a positive result is reached.

By the same principle work belt, made from an innovative neoprene material.

muscle stimulator

the Device provides the influence on the muscles by using current low voltage. Muscles begin to shrink. Is obtained an effect similar to exercise. The effect of lumbar brace is as follows.

  • reduction of muscle tone entails enhanced fat burning.
  • the
  • acceleration of the process of exchange of substance in the body.
  • the
  • Improve skin condition. Muscle work is associated with heat, which leads to the excretion of excess fluid and toxic substances. The skin becomes more elastic.

to achieve a better effect, it is necessary to combine the use of this device with exercise and balanced diet. Modern models allow you to adjust the mode of operation (the change in the power of microcurrents in the presence of a timer). It is advisable to buy devices powered by electricity, as the belt on batteries are thin and work long.

Belt with sauna effect

the Principle of operation of the device with integrated thermal elements is in thermal impact on the problem region. In the result of exposure to heat subcutaneous fat is burned, comes sweating and acceleration of metabolic processes in the skin. Such lumbar belt ensures the loss of extra inches in a short time. The procedure lasts less than 50 minutes. To abuse the use of the device should not be, because you can get burned.

Some experts doubt that the belt for the waist allows you to achieve success. It is true and myth at the same time. It all depends on what kind of lifestyle leads people how balanced his diet. Without a comprehensive approach to combating overweight any significant results is not expected.

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