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Laser vision correction: What is it?

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Laser vision correction relieves people from contact lenses and glasses, and restores good vision. This procedure is carried out to people aged 18 - 55 years old suffering from:

  • Astigmatism;
  • Vision;
  • Myopia.

any variety of violations zretelne functions of the image surrounding human subjects does not focus directly on the retina. Meaning the laser is to change the shape of the cornea so that images of objects 100 % fall on the retina.


Main "+" laser correction

Each year, make a couple of million surgery for vision correction by laser. For > than 20 years of observation, this operation, as laser correction proved their safety and effectiveness. Let's take a look at its advantages:

  • Almost any age. Optimal candidates for this procedure are people aged 18 - 55 years;
  • Security. A lifetime of observing people who did the laser surgery gives you the ability to reliably assert about the stability, efficacy and safety results of this procedure;
  • is Used for all the disorders of vision. If the patient has no contraindications for laser vision correction is able to restore his sight almost for presbyopia as well as the most common stages of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia;
  • the Procedure performed on an outpatient basis. There is no need for human presence in the hospital. For 1 hour after the surgery the person can go home;  
  • No pain at all stages of surgery. In the eyes of the patient is instilled with anesthetic drops that block 100% pain. The person feels only touch and pressure at certain stages of surgery;
  • Speed. The operation takes 10-th min. by 1-in eyes, and the laser works from a few seconds to 1 minute, and all the rest goes directly to the preparatory process;
  • Rapid recovery of vision. 1st the results of the operation, the patient can assessed after 2-VA hours after surgery. The vision will stabilize for 1 week, but full recovery can be discussed only at a 100% healing of tissues of the cornea of the eye;
  • expected results. People can count on visual acuity, similar to that which he has lenses or glasses until correction;
  • consistency. The shape of the cornea after the surgery remains for life.

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