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What kind of pillow for pregnant women it is better to choose?

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When carrying a baby women's body is functioning in emergency mode, because it feels unusual, severe stress of almost all organs and systems. It is therefore very important, that her dream was strong and full, giving good health and mood, as well as max regained lost strength. How can this be achieved?

the Best assistant in this case is . What are the fillers, forms and why they are all in order.


Why do we need a pillow for pregnant women?

not everyone understands why we need a cushion, if the woman can safely sleep on ordinary. But experts say that in this crucial period a female's body need the most convenient, multifunctional and specially designed. It performs such tasks as:

  • reduces the load on the woman's body (especially starting from the 2nd trimester, when it increases to the maximum);
  • gives the expectant mother the opportunity to find a comfortable position directly in the day and comfortable sleeping by night;
  • you can pull tired feet immediately after a tedious and long walks;
  • properly distributes the load on the spine;
  • you can put it under the stomach, and this pillow will not get in the way as usual;
  • perfect for pregnancy at any time;
  • be useful even after the birth of a child: you can rely on it when feeding, she can play the role of a playpen for the baby, so he doesn't fall out of bed (sofa) or not overturned.


the Pillow for pregnant women may have the following form:

  • U;
  • Bagel;
  • Cushion “G”;
  • Banana;
  • Big;
  • Cushion “G”;
  • the Cushion (I-shaped).


There are 2 most popular toppings:

  • Styrofoam;
  • hollofayber.


Remember that the correct use of pillows for pregnant women is a guarantee for daily wellbeing and a good night's sleep the expectant mother. Mandatory buy yourself this very convenient and functional attribute, that you were accompanied by comfort all nine months of waiting for the birth of your baby. And even then this pillow will come in handy for feeding baby well and will last a couple of years.

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