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Childbirth in America: Houston.

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the Unofficial capital of the US medical is Houston. If you ask any resident States: "Where better to go for treatment?", almost everyone will say: "of Course in Houston". In this city, advanced cancer center, one of the best heart surgeons in the world - Michael of medical science, worked in Houston, but how are things coming with the birth? This is what we tell the employee of the company "the Stork": that will help you .

We often hear that the next singer or the actress gave birth to the national stage in the United States, and rich people in General give birth exclusively abroad. But now this privilege is available even to the simple hard workers who do not possess countless treasures. The best option is birth Houston, Texas. It will cost several times cheaper than in Los Angeles or new York.

to fly to Houston, of course, in advance (preferably at 32, 33 or 34 weeks of pregnancy). It is necessary to capture the certificate from the local gynecologist which will indicate that it permits such travel (it may require at the airport).

In the clinics Houston you will provide services of the obstetrician before the birth and after. For the past 2 days (in the case of natural birth) You will be in a private room, in which there is a sofa for accompanying and Wi-Fi. You will be provided with three meals a day, the examination of the baby's neonatologist, expert advice on breastfeeding, visit to the pediatrician directly after discharge + vaccination.

you will be given the original contract with the clinic number, social. insurance baby born in America, the birth certificate of your child, and its certified translation. You will assist in applying the child to receive a passport of a citizen of the United States and certification by the notary of documents for their subsequent submission to the US Consulate for citizenship of that country.

the relatively small amount you can give birth to her first child in the best country in the world and give him the ticket to the future, which is US citizenship.

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