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Addiction: treatments that do not bring the expected result

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today, there are different methods of treatment of drug addiction. It is therefore very important to know which methods bring origamy result, and which are simply ineffective.

is a difficult task which must be approached responsibly.
For a person who suffers from drug addiction, will be the effective method of treatment that will deliver him from the problem which will not harm and will not create any new dependencies. And it is worth noting that some treatments are not safe.

This information is very important to know how to addict a person and his family members, trying to help him. Initially, you should know how is the treatment at drug treatment centres and how the methods used affect the health and welfare of the addict and his loved ones.


the"Bad" methods of treatment of drug addiction:

  • the Use of com of a different sort on the 1st stage of therapy. Remember: the use of insulin or other kom is dangerous to human health. This method of therapy for drug dependency is an unsafe and inefficient, its results are quite unstable, as many addicts very soon to go back to the destructive habit;
  • Use of potent psychotropic drugs. Nachmany,despite the fact that drug-dependent, are rarely crazy. Use psicotropicodelia agents in the treatment of drug addiction often simply unjustified. Very often the use of such drugs harms the mind of the addict. Moreover, these drugs have a pronounced narcotic effect, and this, in turn, can lead to the replacement of the 1st on the 2nd;
  • surgery. The last time there were announcements about new methods of drug treatment using surgery. Be warned that these surgical vmeste may cause irreparable harm to the addict. In the majority of cases the basis of this method is cheating. In fact, the brain of the addict have absolutely no impact - surgical intervention is performed just to create visibility;
  • Application of a shock of a different sort. Now it is clear that shock therapy is not able to help the drug addict, the method used in psychiatry today to niemu treated with contempt. There are medications that can enter the addict in a state of shock, like a Taser. In any case, don't allow, that your family member has used this technique. It causes more harm than good. Also, can apply and stress shocks (in this case, drug addict mentally affected, in order to enter it in a state of shock — this method is also questionable and does not give a stable result).

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