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Choose a dental clinic right?

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today, high-quality free medical care is a myth. We givem in the conditions of market relations, in which his health must not only pay, but also to determine how much and for what. Now in Russia a huge selection of paid services in the healthcare industry. So how do you navigate the ocean of information, how to check whether justified the price of services and whether it meets the quality of care? This is what we tell the head of the network of clinics "the President" - among which you can choose yourself .


How to assess the level of dentistry?

today, there are a couple of parameters to assess the level dental clinic:

  • first, you must pay attention, whether in your chosen clinic full range of dental services;
  • second, it is necessary to pay attention to whether you inspect and treat 1-in the doctor or in parallel (simultaneously) a couple of dentists;
  • third, it is important that the dentist constantly worked with the assistant. The presence of a skilled assistant gives the physician the opportunity to work in "4 hands", which in turn extends its capabilities, especially in very difficult cases;
  • fourth in the dental clinic must be: an orthopantomograph, a dental apparatus radiography or ray, which, with the diagnostics provide additional information and allow the dentist to monitor the quality of own work;
  • fifth, taking into account the increasing cases of HIV infection and hepatitis b Russia, going to the dentist, a person must be sure that he will not face the infection "after the dentist". That is why, assistants, and doctors must work in gloves and disposable masks, and used by the dentist the tools should be in sterile packages that are opened directly with the patient. When you assign the surgery the doctor must ask the patient to bring his blood;
  • sixth in any dental clinic high-level patients are always greeted warmly, but in any case not Intrusive, the administrator should clearly answer all your questions, guide you to the prices and to offer advice of a dentist.

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