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Runoff: What is it?

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the Last time we often hear about the stock market involved in sales of very cheap clothes, underwear, shoes and accessories from Europe. Some people think that the runoff is "secondhand", but in fact they differ substantially. What is the difference? This is what we tell the employee of the company «Grand-Stock" on the website where you can buy wholesale .

Buying stock clothes you in the 1st place, will get the opportunity to look fashionable and unique, and secondly these things are very cheap. Some people will say: "Trendy things can not be cheap, this can not be." Here you can! Let's see why.

Stock clothes — is an exclusive brand of high quality from world famous brands. This brand new clothes with tags that previously were sold in fashionable European shops, but which, for various reasons, are unable to sell in the season. For example, in Europe fashion season often lasts for more than > three months, and all the boutiques quickly trying to clear warehouses from the things of the past season. In addition, stock clothes also belong to the unsold stuff from stores, which are sold with a discount of up to 70 percent, also to free up space in the warehouse directly for the new collection.

translated from English. the language "stock" means "stock". This becomes even more clear that the runoff is just leftovers season, and not a not a secon-hand shop.

for Example, buying stock clothes wholesale, you get to buy a whole size range of the model which has interested you so you can organize your own business.

And by purchasing flow in retail - You just need to look like models on the covers of fashionable magazines, but only buy clothes you will at an affordable price.

Therefore buying a Stoke retail or wholesale you be sure that all your things are of high quality and imported from the best boutiques of Europe. Buy only quality clothes, not "rags" after a couple of washings will be suitable only for cleaning your floors.

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