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What is a wood pellet boiler?

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a Good host remembers the arrival of cold weather even in the hot summer. That is why, is always the actual problem of a competent heating your own home. Everyone wants in order in the house was warm, but the pay for this pleasure is not very desirable. This problem can easily be solved where it is possible to install a gas boiler. But what if access to gas, and electricity seems to be too expensive? Here come to the aid of pellet boilers, which are every day gaining more and more popularity. By the way, can be purchased in the online store

the Principle of operation of the pellet boiler

This equipment is a nothing but a solid fuel boiler that operates on wood pellets (small pellets, made by pressing wood waste). A boiler intended for heating houses, as well as provide them with hot water. Depending on the capacity of such boilers are available in different versions: 15 - 100 kW.

There are 3 options of such equipment:

  1. Boilers intended for operation exclusively on wood pellets;
  2. Boilers that use wood or pellets as a back-up fuel. In this mode, the boiler is able to work not > a few hours;
  3. Combined boilers that have a few combustion chambers. They can work as a coal and wood pellets or firewood.

This heater is the design made of sheet steel. This device combines 3-ri mechanism:

  • the bunker for fuel storage;
  • conveyor, which feeds the granules directly into the combustion chamber;
  • the boiler with a pellet specials. burner.

Functioning of a boiler in the following way. The tank is loaded with pellets, and then by the feeder, they are fed into the furnace, which is the process of burning. Heat, which results in the formation heats the coolant causing it to turn on the heated room.

to Obtain high efficiency (96% equipment premium) pellet boiler allows the special design of the combustion chamber, which is a sort of atomizer.

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