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Why you need business cards?

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In Soviet times people were taught that they should be like everyone else and not stand out from the crowd, and those who still stood were considered "outsiders". All the people then were gray mass. Now, thankfully, times have changed and people can show their individuality, to create your own style, do their work, etc. today, an essential attribute of any modern business person is a business card. By the way, if you are a resident of the capital and you do not have this attribute, that can be enjoyed in the Studio printing “Fingerprint”:

Visual business cards look like oblong (rectangular) piece of cardboard (which can be salaminian) or plastic, small size, but in reality they suffered a big meaning. This "rectangle" is a carrier of information, effective advertising tool  and just an indispensable tool of any businessman. Today business card is an important element of the image, and its absence is comparable to the lack of a butterfly or a tie in the men's business suit.

So that your potential business partner or client immediately throw your business card, it must have an attractive appearance, to be performed on a professional level, to have a durable and high-quality printing and design that fits your industry. If these requirements are not met - it is 100% will be thrown.


For whom "vital" is the production of business cards?

Personal business cards are used to informal communication and Dating. In here in the business community they are one of the components of business etiquette. That is why this small accessory is required those beginning their own business entrepreneurs, sharks, as well as employees of larger firms. If you have any services, anything you implement and look for new partners or simply want to increase their income and personal growth, then you definitely need to make myself a business card!

Today business cards can be seen at:

  • authors;
  • freelancers;
  • lawyers
  • MLM-cov;
  • representatives of traditional business;
  • supervisors;
  • journalists;
  • representatives of show business;
  • doctors;
  • hairdressers;
  • and even the district.

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