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Ledipasvir: What is it?

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a disease like hepatitis C is very common, it's pretty difficult therapy and in the absence of the latter can lead to death. Used treatment with ribavirin or interferon is often not bring the expected results. That is why there was a need to seek new and more effective medications that can relieve the patient from this terrible virus.

the Latest development of American pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences has led to the discovery of the substance Ladieswear, which may directly affect the development of the virus. If you are interested in this product, but you don't know where to buy , help!



Previously called Ledipasvir, GS-5885. The action of this drug is aimed directly at the inhibition of synthetic processes non-structural proteins. Let's look at the mechanism of action of this drug.

As you know, the structure of HCV (hepatitis C virus) is a very multifaceted and complex. The risk of running forms is that with the development of hepatitis C virus inside the human body for many years, there are new mutated cells having other antigenic properties.

the Immune system of a person infected with hepatitis C virus alone can not cope with them: so long as antibodies are produced to 1 of the variety of cells that already appear completely different. That is why there is a sense of the blockers using those structural elements of the GHS that directly responsible for its replication. This NS5A element is, well, an inhibitor (blocker) - Ledipasvir, which prevents further propagation of HCV.

the Main feature of Ladieswear is that it is not marketed as a standalone drug, able to cure the patient of HCV. The drug GS-5885 necessarily used in conjunction with other drugs that fight the virus.

the Most effective and most well-known combination is Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir.

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