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The main types of braces

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straight beautiful teeth and white smile is no longer the privilege of Hollywood stars. Today to make an appointment with an experienced orthodontist can easily correct malocclusion and other dental anomalies with braces.

But there is a logical question: "What are the types of braces?". We try to answer and help us in this chief editor of the site (by the way, collected relevant information that will help those wishing to install braces to choose).

Now the installation of braces for many people is a solution to the problem of ugly smile. A huge number of dental clinics provide this service, but not always provide their customers with comprehensive information to promote some specific kind of services that they are just more profitable to sell from a financial point of view. In fact, in order to choose the right braces, it is necessary, as min, you know what varieties today available on the market.


Braces: Principal

Classification of braces is based on different principles:

  1. based On the material from which made the system;
  2. By way of location system on the teeth;
  3. By way of linking braces with arc.

the Materials used for the manufacture of braces:

  • Metal;
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics, or, to be more precise, the polycrystalline ceramic;
  • Sapphire;
  • Combined option.

the Braces can be attached either on the inner (lingual) side of the dentition – lingual braces, either on the outside – vestibular braces. Version 2 is the most popular because of lower cost.

today there are 3 main methods of attachment of the braces:

  • Passive mount (Damon);
  • Active mount (or Smart Clip Clarity SL);
  • lock mount (also called self-ligating bracket system).

So what kind of braces should you choose?

What would be the braces to correct the bite you want, directly before you install them it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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