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Cystitis: Tablets for quick therapy

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Cystitis is the inflammation of the bladder. The disease is more common in women (due to the specific structure of organs of the urogenital system) - which is why it is considered a disease of women, which may occur even during pregnancy. Flows this disease is quite painful and if not start to take medication, cystitis is quite able to transform into a chronic form, which will have a while longer to heal.


Cystitis: how to treat?

Let's consider the main (details on the website

the Main function of drugs for the treatment of this disease – is to remove the cause of the inflammation, what excellent deal of uroseptic and antimicrobial pills. Now in pharmacies sell a huge number of drugs for the treatment of cystitis. In addition to everything, also prescribe medications that help to relieve pain symptoms, i.e., pain relievers and antispasmodics. In that case, if a person has a temperature, prescribed antipyretic drugs.

a Special role in the treatment of cystitis is withdrawn herbal medicine. Can be used either raw material for the preparation of decoctions, all the drugs for the fairer sex. By the way, during pregnancy, in the majority of cases, this is the only allowed drugs against this disease.

Also women can appoint such physiotherapeutic procedures as instillation with the use of various drugs. This therapy is a bit unpleasant and painful, but sometimes it just will not do. In addition, you can assign electrophoresis and warming up, also with drugs or herbs.



This group of drugs is prescribed to the fair sex in the majority of cases, when we are talking about acute forms of the disease. In order to choose the right injections or pills, you must take the blood and urine tests to identify the causative agent. To date, the majority of assigned drugs have a very broad spectrum of activity and helps to eliminate many viruses as well as unwanted organisms.

it Often happens that urologists prescribe women drugs such as:

  • Amoxiclav;
  • Normaks;
  • Nolicin;
  • Norbaktin;
  • Palin;
  • Furadonin;
  • Furamag;
  • Furagin.


  • Zistan;
  • Monorel;
  • Kanefron.

in Order to relieve pain doctors prescribe "Nospanum", "Drotaverine", and other myotropic antispasmodics, which perfectly removes spasms of smooth muscles. Since in the majority of cases, the disease returns in violation of the microflora of the genitals and intestines, it is necessary to undergo a course of therapy with probiotics (Bifiform, hilak Forte and Atenolol).

And most important
: using tablets in this disease, we must remember that incomplete treatment is a “straight line” for the transformation of cystitis chronic!!!

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